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Tutorial Videos
Stanford Bunny Sopwith Camel Dune Buggy Booleans, Defeaturing
Wrapping  DGK’s wrapping algorithm is a powerful tool to  repair laser scans with large gaps. As wrapping is  a volumetric approach, and is fairly time  consuming, a minute of processing time is cut  from the video. Work is underway to extend the algorithm to  general CAD models. 
Manual curve and surface construction  The broken bunny as before but repaired using  curve and surface construction, refinement and  blending.
Curve To Curve Stitching While curve to curve stitching is normally used  for stitching similar curves in close proximity, it  can also be used to close large gaps. Note in this  application, the second curve selected is projected and merged with the first curve selected. Merging  of sequential curves is also demonstrated (second  box). Other than adding nodes, stitching does not  modify the surface mesh. Swapping is therefore  need to get a good surface where the squares have  been made cylindrical.
Booleans and Defeaturing  A simple case to demonstrate construction of a  simple body using primitives and Booleans and  how topology management with coarsening can  be used to defeature a model. 
Curve Embedding  Curves embedded in a sphere are used as a basis  for further geometry construction.
Refinement and Coarsening  A simple demonstration of how DGK’s refinement  with smooth surface reconstruction works. Curve  and surface coarsening is also demonstrated. 
Curve To Surface Stitching  In this example, the free curve of the cylinder is  stitched to the spherical surface.
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