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Selected Capabilities Intersections The intersection algorithm is based on a precalculate and insert approach that allows intersections to be calculated and viewed before being inserted into the mesh. Tolerant non-manifold unions Multiple body models commonly involve surface to surface contact that has not been adequately resolved in the  model. Performing a traditional intersection results in a noisy model that does not represent the desired result. DGK’s tolerant operations allow these models to be accurately resolved. Clean tolerant repair (left), contrasted with standard intersections (right). Non manifold lines shown in magenta. Hole Filling The below hole, (free edge in yellow) is first triangulated, refined and then blended with the surrounding surface. This can be performed as a single step or through multiple steps providing full control over the final result. Surface Construction DGK’s surface construction capabilities allow more complex modifications where parts are missing or need to be  replaced, whether originating from a scan or a CAD model. The Stanford bunny below has been cut into multiple  distinct pieces thwarting traditional hole filling algorithms. New topological edges are created bridging the pieces and used as the basis of new surface construction using triangulation, refinement and blending. 
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