Dune Buggy This is an overly coarse model of a dune buggy which needs to be enhanced. DGK’s refinement algorithm  is capable of placing new nodes on a high order interpolation of the surface. Correctly establishing the  feature curves is critical to the success of smooth surface reconstruction. As there is no high level topology  in this model, the topology tools are used to separate surfaces and create feature curves which in some  areas represent boundaries between surfaces and in others, creases (feature curves internal to a surface).  The effect of different choices of topology on smooth surface refinement is demonstrated with respect to a  tire.
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Stanford Bunny Sopwith Camel Dune Buggy Booleans, Defeaturing The buggy with selected surfaces enhanced.
The coarse buggy model with surface boundaries and creases highlighted. The feature curves are constructed by applying an angle based criterion.
Feature curves only along the inner edge of the tire.
The tire after refinement.
The tire with feature curves along the inner and outer edges.
The refined tire. In order to blend the side wall  and rolling surface, the outer feature curve is  removed and two iterations of curvature based  smoothing is applied to get the result below. 
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