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Booleans and Defeaturing A simple case to demonstrate primitives, Booleans, and how topology management can be used in  conjuction with surface coarsening to remove features from a model. A tutorial video of this case is  available on the videos page. 
Stanford Bunny Sopwith Camel Dune Buggy Booleans, Defeaturing
A box and two cylinders created with DGK.
After Boolean add and subtract.
Graded refinement applied to the upper surface of the box.
Merging surfaces with deletion of the feature curves and coarsening removes the indented cylindrical surface from the body.
Additional surface merging and coarsening. The  circular curve is then split into four curves by  creating topology vertices (all vertices  highlighted). 
Additional coarsening with a large size applied.  The cylinder curves are allowed to be coarsened  while the vertices are protected.
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